Privacy and Identity in the Digital Age – Response and Critical Thinking

The image that I used for my initial blog post seemed to tug at some heart strings as well as provide a good example of how the digital age is changing people’s mind structures (specifically what we have to remember, and what we now rely on social networking for). The reading that mentioned different personas via different networking sites seems to be the most relevant. We all agree that we use different networks for different purposes, and that is likely living out these alter-egos.

People have to negotiate and decide where they post certain things, how they word their comments, and what they want to say on certain sites, and are able to go un-mediated on other sites. The fact that these spaces are so present and take so much time to edit and maintain shows the commitment that youth of this generation have to online communities. The comments on my blog as well as my own thoughts agree with the fact that this is a dangerous and encompassing danger for the future of person to person interaction. I do however believe it is less of a threat than some people. The idea that social networks will take over the art of human interaction is a bit farfetched. Instead of observing these social sites as a space to escape permanently from reality, I think they should be considered more of a relief space from reality, or a space to express ones self. If taken in this context these social networks may help certain people with confidence and expressing opinion. Sure the interactions would be online, but if these do really embody a certain reality, why can they not have an effect on real life, if real life is effected by them? In my opinion it is a two way street, even though most agree that the human element is taken away when we type to a screen.

Will we become more alienated if we continue to rely on social networking online? Or will this allow us to communicate with people all over the world in an attempt to create a more open society? One of the blogs I had the chance to comment on told stories of Facebook connecting long distance family. This is no doubt a plus of the ability to connect online.

The only way for the final judgement to be passed on this issue is to allow time to do it’s work. We will see within the next 20 years if the encompassing nature of social network sites take over the use of human interaction. Will our Facebook accounts threaten our chances at jobs? Or will job interviews be done online in the future? Only time will tell.




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