Wikpedia and Online Interactivity – Summative Post

The majority of comments that arose for this weeks blog entries seemed to reflect on the validity of Wikipedia, and how our trust has either stayed the same, been hurt, or has been strengthened by some of the information we digested this week. Using a thought provoking picture, as well as one that uses humour makes potential readers want to read my thoughts on the subject (as some of the comments mentioned).

Wikipedia as a whole still seems to be locked in as a place where we can recieve decent information on almost any topic, but the validity is still not achieved. We all understand that (as students) the ability to edit Wikipedia creates a stigma that will not change within Universities and Professors. Almost every comment I recieved on my post stated that regardless Wikipedia cannot be used as a source for school projects and assignments, and this remains an interesting fact.

One comment that stuck out to me as very important was what one student said about my post. They stated that my explanation of how I use and trust Wikipedia led them to basically read information on Wikipedia (or other forms of information) but take that information with a grain of salt, and employ our own critical thinking when diving into “facts”.

I got validation from the comments that I took a good approach in finding the pros and cons of Wikipedia, and there is clearly a lot in common within our generation of how to approach the information given on Wikipedia, if we should trust it or not. As one of my comments mentioned, it is potentially fear of the unkown that drives the stigma behind Wikipedia and the idea of false information laden across the internet.


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