Producers-Consumers in New Media

“The cultural logic of media convergence” (Jenkins, 2004) opened my eyes to the ever expanding and always changing world of media (and today digital media). WE are literally bombarded every day with new ways to interact with eachother, as well as new ways to encounter information. This is creating the “age of anxiety” I like to call it, because either you are missing something, or you know too much. You know it all, or you know nothing; or, you are in between. In any case it seems like new discoery is always around the corner, and honestly the information flies at you like a rain of bullets. I loved the part about “gatekeepers”, because myself as a musician understand this concept fully. Jenkins (2004) states that either you believe there are a wide array of gatekeepers controlling the media we encounter (things like television, movies, music that is played on the radio), or you believe there are no gatekeepers, and information flows freely (suych as free online music, youtube content, wikipedia). It is clear however that in this digital age, there is a combination of both. Sure I am free to post a youtube video, and almost anyone worldwide “could” access it, but how does it become popular? Who is the gatekeeper that could tweet the link and have millions of viewers take a peek? I argue that specifically in terms of popular music, gatekeepers still hold a heavy hand.

In terms of “Everything Is a REmix” there are certain aspects I like, and some that I disagree with. Sure, most music, media, etc. has been remixed, been done before in some facet or another. But if we really believe EVERYTHING is a remix, then why even bother? As a producer of music I cant believe this or my purpose in creating new music would be null. Maybe in todays age we have to accept the REmix as a form of originality; DJs do it, rappers do it. Remixing other forms of media, and how creat9ive you can be with it is a very valid way of showing your own originality. The way two songs sound mashed over eachother  can be a creative expression as well, or merging to types of music to make another. Just because you are using content that is previously released, doesn’t mean it is not original.

These days, it seems like information is freely accessable. Surfing the web can lead you to a string of valuable (or not so valuable) information. Though some copywriting may not allow a friend on youtube to post you favourite episode of Game of Thrones, there is stil access to millions of videos’ covering likely any topic you can imagine.

Get used to it, the internet isn’t going anywhere.




2 thoughts on “Producers-Consumers in New Media

  1. I really think your opinion is quite interesting and meaningful. Just like you said, if we really believe everything is a remix, then why even bother? We still like some movies mentioned in Ferguson’s videos. We welcome DJs and rappers’ remix. I guess it’s because the remix we talk in music field is different than it is in movie and others. We like a song that has been edited to sound different from the original version or mixed with other songs (ignore my unprofessional understanding of remix), this is just like we find the taste of the mix of two spices is very delicious. The result of the remix can create a brand new thing, such as a new music style. However if the similar scene appeared in another movie, it’s not like music remix, this is an edited version based on copying, transforming, and combining. So it cannot be defined as a “new” thing.

  2. I absolutely agree with you, we are bombarded daily with information. It requires conscious thought and a plan to give oneself quiet time. I question the usefulness of online activity when it creates anxiety; it can and does happen. I concur with you that there is a combination of free flow information and information that is guarded and/or released in a controlled state. It is concerning to see what the younger members of my family can access!
    I think remix can lead to new things. It is like a spring board that jumps you into a new idea for a song. Although some just take an ‘old’ song and re-do it with a slightly faster tempo or modern sound, there are musicians who take an older song and re-do it beautifully but with their own addition to the original. I guess it comes down to what inspires you as a composer. Very thoughtful post!

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