Module 4 Summative Post

I realize I am entering this slightly late, but I think this Module’s topics were very relevant to today’s society (more so than  the other modules). Through the comments and my own ability to wade through the information given this module, I think that we can all agree technology is arriving and excelling at a very rapid pace. Because of this rapid transformation of how we recieve data, how we contribute data, and how we percieve data, technology is actually having an adverse effect on people’s lives (especially in Western culture and Canada specifically).

Specifically, the remix portion of this weeks readings and video clips was the most controversial and important. In terms of media, there is ever more access today than there was 50 years ago (or even 20 years ago for that matter). We are bombarded with new media (videos, music, movies) daily, and in the past 5 years the accessibility has advanced even more. Downloading of all types of programs, videos, movies, music and television shows is becoming daily activity. Not only is it accessible, but there is more of it to be consumed. This is where the Remix aspect comes into play. With so much media available, and so much having been done since these mediums have existed, there is bound to be overlap. Much of the music today is based off of old music, or remixed. Some of the comments brought to my attention film; the students believe remixing this medium (where you literally observe spectacle) is inappropriate, where as music seemed to be okay because it is inevitable. I am not sure where I stand on this because, yes, maybe a scene coppied from a movie infringes on copyright laws, but what are we to say of artists who copy previous artists not only in music, but also liver performance and image (ex. Lady Gaga in comparison to Madonna).

In today’s age it is very difficult to decipher where you are getting real, fake, or copied information, and as the years fly by this is likely to increase due to the vast ocean of media available from every laptop, computer, tablet, and smartphone.


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